My favorite podcasts

I only recently started listening to podcasts – I guess ever since I started commuting to office by bus. My topics of interest were – wildlife conservation, natural history, adventure and science. So, I started looking for recommendations and have discovered some accidentally.  Note that all these podcasts are available on Google Play and should probably be available on iTunes too.


So here’s the list:

BirdNote : This is a daily 2-minute podcast on birds. Each episode is packed with bird sounds and nuggets of information about bird conservation and natural history. For those 2 minutes, I am transported to the magical world of birds. That’s how good the production quality is of this podcast.

Favorite episode: Old and new memories of black-capped chickadees

the Dirtbag diaries : I was a little averse to subscribing to an adventure podcast because of the high bar professional athletes set and make me feel insufficient. But, much to my delight, the Dirtbag diaries is about experiences in the outdoors from people of all walks of life. And, not just the about the likes of Alex Honnold.

Favorite episode: Zarsian adventures

Eyes on Conservation : This is a great podcast exploring wildlife conservation issues in N.America. Most episodes are in an interview/radio show format.

Favorite episode: How an Endangered Species can Help Solve a Missing Persons Case?

Radiolab : A popular podcast that often tackles wacky science topics – entertaining is all I have to say!

Favourite episode: Stereotype threat

Our warm regards : A podcast long avoided since it tackles CLIMATE CHANGE, as I felt it would fill me with gloom. The podcast – despite the gloomy vibe that comes with weight of the topic – is an authoritative yet simple resource on tackling various aspects of climate change in our lives.

Favourite episode: Thanksgiving thoughts: Do you waste more or less food than most people?

Mongabay newscast : Mongabay in my opinion has by far the best reporting on biodiversity conservation issues on the internet. Their newscast is a great addition to their articles. Most episodes have a section on the latest news about biodiversity issues and an interview with who’s who of the conservation world.

Favorite episode: Amazon tribe’s traditional medicine encyclopedia gets an update, and conservation effectiveness in Madagascar examined

Urban wildlife podcast : The name says it all. Why do I like it? I can relate to the content , living( & observing nature) in a city and the content is fantastic.

Favorite episode: Robin in Rome

Well, that’s the list and I hope you found something you like! Lastly, I do feel I am missing awesome podcasts from several regions of the world – whole continents in fact. So, feel free to recommend your favorite podcasts on any topic – I’m in the market for more podcasts.

Happy listening! 


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